Return Policy


Return Policy


Seller offers a 15-day return policy on most products sold. Manufacturer

restrictions apply to certain merchandise, as detailed below and as updated from

time to time. Customer may obtain additional details and any applicable updates

from the dedicated Seller account manager and may obtain manufacturer contact

information by contacting CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. Customer Relations, which may be reached by calling 1.855.248.7568 CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. or by emailing


Return Restrictions.

• Defective Product Returns. Customer may return most defective Products

directly to Seller within fifteen (15) days of invoice date and receive, at

Seller’s option, credit, replacement, exchange, or repair. After fifteen (15)

days, only the manufacturer warranty applies.


• Non-Defective Product Returns. Customer may return most non-defective

Products directly to Seller within thirty (13) days of invoice date and

receive, at Customer’s option, credit or exchange, except that an automatic

Seller restocking charge will reduce the value of any such credit or exchange

by a minimum of fifteen percent (15%).


• Restricted, Repair-Only Returns. Certain Products can only be returned for

repair—not for exchange, replacement or credit—based on current

manufacturer requirements. Such Products should be returned to the manufacturer, or taken to an authorized service center

in Customer’s vicinity. More information may be provided by the dedicated

Seller account manager or by CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. Customer Relations.


• Restricted, Manufacturer-Only Assistance. Certain Products cannot be

returned to Seller for any reason—without exception—and Customer must

contact the manufacturer directly for any needed assistance. More

information may be provided by the dedicated Seller account manager or by


• Special Orders. Products that are specially ordered may be non-returnable or may have unique return restrictions provided at the time of sale. More information may be provided by the dedicated Seller account manager or by CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. Customer Relations.


• Return of Software or DVDs. Seller offers refunds only for unopened,

undamaged software and DVD movies that are returned within 15 days of

invoice date. Seller offers only replacement for software products and DVD

movies that either: (i) are defective but are returned within thirty (15) days of

invoice date; or (ii) are unopened and undamaged, but are returned more

than 15 days after invoice date; such replaceable merchandise may be

exchanged only for the same software or DVD movie title. Multiple

software licenses may be returned for refund or exchange only (i) if

specifically authorized in advance by the manufacturer; and (ii) if returned

within thirty (13) days of invoice date.


2. Customer Shipment of Returned Merchandise.


• Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number. No returns of any type

will be accepted by Seller unless accompanied by a unique RMA number,

which Customer may obtain by providing the following information to CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. Customer Relations: customer name, applicable invoice number, product serial number, and details of Customer’s issue with the product.

Customer has five (5) days to return a Product after the applicable RMA is issued. CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. reserves the right to refuse any UNAUTHORIZED returns: those that occur after the five (5) day period or those involving Products that

are unaccompanied by valid RMA’s.

• Returned Products Must Be Complete. All Products MUST BE returned one hundred percent (100%) complete, including all original boxes, packing materials, manuals, blank warranty cards, and other accessories provided by the manufacturer. CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. reserves the right to refuse the return of incomplete Products. In addition, CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. will charge a minimum fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee for returns that are accepted.

• Responsibility for Shipping Costs. Customer is responsible for the cost of

shipping returned items; Seller is responsible for the cost of shipping replacements or exchanges of returned items and will match Customer’s shipping method.

• Customer Shipping Insurance. Customer is strongly advised to purchase full insurance to cover loss and damage in transit for shipments of returned items and to use a carrier and shipping method that provide proof of delivery. Seller is not responsible for loss during such shipment.


3. Merchandise Damaged in Transit.

• Refusal/Receipt of Damaged Products. If a package containing items

purchased from Seller arrives at Customer’s address DAMAGED, Customer should REFUSE to accept delivery from the carrier. If Customer does accept delivery of such a package, Customer must: (i) note the damage on the carrier's delivery record so that Seller may file a claim; (ii) save, as is, the merchandise AND the original box and packaging it arrived in; and (iii) promptly notify Seller either by calling CHALLENGE INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY, INC. Customer Relations or by contacting the Seller account manager to arrange for carrier’s inspection and

pickup of the damaged merchandise. If Customer does not so note the damage and save the received merchandise and does not so notify Seller within fifteen (15) days of delivery acceptance, Customer will be deemed to have accepted the merchandise as if it had arrived undamaged, and Seller’s regular return policy, as described in sections 1 and 2 above, and all current manufacturer warranties and restrictions will apply.

4. Credits

Any credit issued by Seller to Customer under this return policy must be used within two (1) years from the date that the credit was issued and may only be used for future purchases of Product and/or Services. Any credit or portion thereof not used within the two (1) year period will automatically expire



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