Micro Focus E902126-017-B software license/upgrade

RUMBA Mainframe, (v. 9.1.0), license, 1 named user, volume, level B (5-49), ESD, Win, English
Manufacturer part number E902126-017-B
Vendor Micro Focus
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Apply modern controls

Boost user productivity with modern controls such as drop-down menus, graphs, phone systems, multiple tabs, and multi-screen tables. Reduce the learning curve by introducing familiar interfaces and modern technologies. Do it all without specialized programming knowledge.

Balance change and risk

Expose key application functions in an entirely new way, without the risks involved in rewriting parts of a core application. Rumba+® Desktop enables you to make the appropriate changes to green screens at a pace that suits your business, and requires no specialist knowledge.

Deploy with ease

With powerful deployment capabilities, Rumba+ Desktop's custom controls can be easily distributed to the entire organization or specific departments. Easily deploy unified custom modernization to all users on desktop or mobile devices.

Drive efficiency

Use modern controls to create a streamlined work environment. No more navigating away from, or switching between, multiple screens. With Rumba+ Desktop, users can instantly access the data and applications they need, including Google maps, graphs, tables, calendars, VOIP, and more—from one location.

Make secure connections

Safeguard your most valuable data and facilitate regulatory compliance with layers of security. From FIPS 140-2 validation to SSL, SSH, FTP, and Kerberos, Rumba+ Desktop has you covered. What’s more, all activities are recorded for compliance, activity monitoring, or training purposes.

Keep it simple

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming, error-prone operations. Transform multiple, complex green screens into intuitive, user-friendly interfaces—without modifying the underlying application. See user productivity climb.


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Windows operating systems supported

Dynamics 365 For Sales, Sngl, Software Assurance Pack, OLV, 1 License, Level C, UsrCAL

Data Center Security Suite for Database, 1Y Gold Business Support, 1U, Lvl D 101-250 lic, Win/Linux, ENG

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service, Sngl, License/Software Assurance Pack, OLV, 1 License, No Level, Additional Product, Qualified Offer, UsrCAL, from CRM Pro, 2 Year Acquired Year 2

Skype for Business Server Plus CAL, Sngl, License/Software Assurance Pack, OLV, 1 License, Level C, Additional Product, UsrCAL, 1 Year Acquired Year 3